Asset Tracking

Track the full life-cycle of your physical assets.

The best Asset tracking software is here to help you grow

iPact Asset Tracking software provides complete asset management solution that enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits through procurement and retirement.



Asset tracking done right.

 With an asset tracking software you can look on you can quickly find out where each asset is located and see who the assigned custodian is.

Assets can be transferred to different employees or locations. Location supersedes the employee or vice versa based on your configuration.

You can analyze the reports through that can reduce costs and increase your productivity. Identify the items that are affecting your efficiency through assessment processes.

Asset tracking made easy and powerful

Tag your items with asset label

You can scan the barcodes, QR codes and RFID readers of the items to the Asset Tracking software and also take actions on them.

Asset Management

Assets are allocated to location as well as a user so that assets can be tracked at user level and location level. Perform a complete physical audit of thousands of items across multiple locations.Assets can be transferred between office locations in the same city or another.

Accurate and actionable insights

iPact Asset Tracking provides you the best reports which you can use to analyze and reduce costs and increase productivity.


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