Turn your procurement data into

powerful insights

iPact Buy-Side Analysis tools will help you to get valuable insights about your entire purchase process which will enable to convert into powerful insights. Our analysis dashboard will give you a graphical representation about transaction details.

Insights which take you to success

Spend wisely and understand all wrong transactions. We provide insights which will help you to forecast monetary flows and working capital.

We will ensure that you have all the powers to fix your purchase process problems and will improve efficiency. Monitor performance against goals with easy-to-use dashboard.

iPact Purchase-to-pay analysis provides easy to use reports where the business leaders can monitor and measure the procurement data by drilling into the transactional level.

Deep understanding  of your procurement process financial data

Accelerate growth

iPact Analytics (Buy-Side) delivers simple to use dashboard which has transactional details through which you can negotiate with suppliers and get better deals.

Elevate your financial performance

 Robust reports by iPact on procurement data increases profitability with business intelligence and ensures financial benefits.

Smart Operations

Production planning, scheduling, operations and cost management can be optimised. Analysed procurement data will empower companies to take fast and informed decisions.


The best cloud based procurement solution is here to help you grow!